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Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

The Cure`s Disintegration - Erinnerungen von Roger O`Donnell

Disintegration - Memories of making the album...

People often ask me what I remember about making Disintegration, it’s over twenty years since it was released in April 1989 and perhaps now is a good time to put my thoughts and memories into words. I know that this record is important to a lot of people for many reasons and in many ways it has had a big effect on my life.

The whole process of Disintegration started for me while on tour in 1987. I had joined The Cure on the basis that I would just tour in support of the Kiss Me album, I was hired as a musician for just the period of the tour and that was it. I really didn’t know very much about the band at that time and was on tour with the Psychedelic Furs, all I knew about the Cure was that one of my best friends was the drummer Boris Williams. When there was talk of adding a keyboard player he asked me if I was interested and initially I wasn’t until I heard KMKMKM and realised what an amazing band this was aside from all the weird hair and make up! After about a week of the tour in a hotel room sitting on the floor next to Robert he said to me “ I want you to be a part of the group, I want you to play on the next record and be a member of The Cure”.


weiterlesen? hier!

übrigens: neben den sehr interessanten erinnerungen von herrn o`donnell gibt es auch noch sein "fear of ghosts"-demo und einzigartige schnappschüsse von den sessions zu sehen!
und roger`s aktuelle alben sind sehr sehr gut (wenn auch wenig an the cure erinnert)!!

roger`s homepage

roger`s facebook
roger`s soundcloud

Mittwoch, 6. April 2011

drowse - brainstorm (demo tape)

damals war "drowse" in nordfriesland (ganz oben im norden deutschlands) DIE band überhaupt.

es gab nur die üblichen rock-, metal- und covertruppen, die gebetsmühlenartig den immer gleichen scheiss spielten - und dann das:
alternativ, innovativ, unvorhersehbar.

okay, das erste demo war lo-fi und schlecht gespielt - hatte aber das herzblut, das dem späteren ersten, im studio eingespielten, longplayer fehlte.
es war für uns damals eine art initialzündung, abseits vom immer gleichen sound anzufangen, eigene sachen zu machen...

hier zwei kostproben:

drowse - deafened by nils242

drowse - the ease by nils242

- und hier das ganze demo album:


(10 songs
inkl. cover von
"to have and to hold" von depeche mode!)

großartige zeit!
michael & nils


Bynar`s Indie Disco February 2, 2011 (Großartiges Mixtape mit uns!)

ein großartiges mixtape mit den editors, interpol, sogar the cure
und anderen echt richtig guten bands aus dem wave & post-punk-lager.
und natürlich mit uns!

bynar hat leider den download deaktiviert
- hier jetzt also der download bei uns!

  1. Emerald Park - Reality Bites
  2. The Naked And Famous - Young Blood
  3. The Drums - Forever And Ever Amen
  4. The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart - Higher Than The Stars
  5. The Cure - Doing The Unstuck
  6. Motorama - Warm Eyelids
  7. White Lies - Strangers
  8. Fan-Tan - Good Men
  9. Isolated Atoms - Play
  10. The Delta Fiasco - Point Man
  11. Screaming Lights - GMA
  12. Death By Kite - Hiroshima
  13. Computerclub - Electrons And Particles
  14. UNI_FORM - The Liar
  15. Editors - Heads In Bags

  1. Interpol - NARC
  2. Repeater - To Swallow Lost Goodbyes
  3. O. Children - Malo
  4. She Wants Revenge - Rachael
  5. The Exploding Boy - I Am Truth
  6. Elefant - Sirens
  7. Grand Ronde - Set It Off
  8. White Rose Movement - Cigarette Machine (Club Mix)
  9. Heretics - Echoes (Klaxons Cover)
  10. Chase & Status feat. White Lies - Embrace
  11. Minnaars - Capricorns
  12. The Burning Hotels - Allison
  13. Propylaion - Who Moved The Ground? (Sylvouch Remix)
  14. Tom James Parmiter - Kyoto Dreams
  15. Duran Duran - Wild Boys (Unplugged)
den download gibt`s hier!
thank you bynar!