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Mittwoch, 27. April 2011

The Cure`s Disintegration - Erinnerungen von Roger O`Donnell

Disintegration - Memories of making the album...

People often ask me what I remember about making Disintegration, it’s over twenty years since it was released in April 1989 and perhaps now is a good time to put my thoughts and memories into words. I know that this record is important to a lot of people for many reasons and in many ways it has had a big effect on my life.

The whole process of Disintegration started for me while on tour in 1987. I had joined The Cure on the basis that I would just tour in support of the Kiss Me album, I was hired as a musician for just the period of the tour and that was it. I really didn’t know very much about the band at that time and was on tour with the Psychedelic Furs, all I knew about the Cure was that one of my best friends was the drummer Boris Williams. When there was talk of adding a keyboard player he asked me if I was interested and initially I wasn’t until I heard KMKMKM and realised what an amazing band this was aside from all the weird hair and make up! After about a week of the tour in a hotel room sitting on the floor next to Robert he said to me “ I want you to be a part of the group, I want you to play on the next record and be a member of The Cure”.


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übrigens: neben den sehr interessanten erinnerungen von herrn o`donnell gibt es auch noch sein "fear of ghosts"-demo und einzigartige schnappschüsse von den sessions zu sehen!
und roger`s aktuelle alben sind sehr sehr gut (wenn auch wenig an the cure erinnert)!!

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  1. it was a pleasure for me to read roger`s memories - and, yes, his music IS great!
    thank you!